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Tools and Support for Multiple Markets and Challenges

Climb2Glory partners with companies in virtually every market and industry around the world to help solve their most pressing and growth-inhibiting problems. As former members of the U.S. Army and leaders of Fortune 100 companies, we understand the difficulties you’re facing. With us as your consulting partner, there is nothing we can’t overcome or achieve together.

Learn more about the types of companies, industries, and markets we support below. If you’re ready to start your own climb to glory, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us, and we’ll contact you right away to learn more about you and how we can help.

Emerging & Innovative Technologies

New technologies face distinct challenges in proof-of-concept, testing, marketing, meeting regulatory and compliance requirements, and more. At Climb2Glory, we support you — whether you’re a business or technology leader — with your organizational, technology, market, and product challenges and goals. We partner with you from the start, helping you find the footing you need to make progress while continuing to support you as you achieve your goals and begin considering options for the future.

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Business Scale-Up

Traction is a critical component of and contributor to growth. If you’re a leader at a young company, we’ll partner with you to help lay the foundation for gaining this much-needed traction. We’ll help you identify channels and markets where you can grow your business, assist with sales development and strategy, and take advantage of new opportunities to accelerate your growth exactly when they arrive.


Universities are hotbeds of new ideas, innovation, and intellectual property, but often, it can be difficult for leaders and business development professionals in this industry to commercialize the results. We partner with universities, technology transfer offices, and other leaders throughout higher education to identify opportunities to use these hard-earned assets for growth, bringing their creativity and excellence out of the lab and into the light of the world.

Funded Start-Ups

Ideas will only ever be ideas until they’re put out into the market, and to do that, a company and a defined strategy are needed. We partner with founders that have an established intellectual property and perhaps even a conceptual or finished product, but who now need a company to accelerate and market their product and the ideal behind it. From placing experienced leaders at the helm to developing go-to-market strategy, we’ll stand by your side from the start, guiding you forward toward achieving your goals.