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Renovo Surgical is a surgical instrument repair company in Cleveland, Ohio that performs on-site surgical equipment preventive maintenance, repair, and training services to Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs Administration medical facilities. Renovo Surgical adds value to hospital Surgical Processing Departments (SPDs) by providing expertise in surgical instrument inspection, repair, sharpening, etching, replacement, and inventory management, and training hospital leadership and technicians. Patient safety is the core value. The technicians are International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) certified to perform inspection, maintenance, and repairs on surgical instruments.


Renovo Surgical had a highly qualified, experienced technical staff with a proven track record of quality performance and a desire to expand its business into the US Federal Government (USFG) marketplace. What it needed was a plan to effectively engage this market, interact with key stakeholders to identify emerging opportunities, and position itself to successfully compete and secure them. The team collectively built and launched a prioritized, multi-tiered strategy with measurable milestones to organize and focus its efforts on both current and emerging opportunities. In conjunction with strategy formulation, C2G also worked with Renovo’s team to build its USFG credentials and marketing plan, then leveraged its proprietary federal business intelligence tools to find future opportunities and aligned Renovo with the stakeholders that were responsible for them.


C2G delivered on the new entity’s first federal contract in six months. Renovo Surgical is now able to use its current performance on this first contract to market itself to other DoD and VA medical facilities and acquire more market share in the future.